A Seamless Transition: Surviving Your First Year of Employment

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The primary reason for physician turnover is poor cultural fit, and when thinking through this phenomenon, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. On the contrary, first interviews generally last no longer than a day-and-half and second interviews may last two days with a preponderance of the time dedicated to searching for a home.

Women Physicians in the Specialties: Making Gains

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Women physicians are making significant inroads in to the medical and surgical specialties, and now constitute a rapidly increasing contingent in many of the traditionally male-dominated fields. Despite these gains, the paucity of women in leadership positions, particularly within academic medicine, as well as persisting pay inequity, indicate that challenges remain.

Military Medical Practice: Options Plentiful for Physicians

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Physicians who choose military practice often discover that their options – in practice settings, geographical locations, and even the range of patients and conditions they treat – are more varied than they expected. These benefits, in conjunction with myriad leadership opportunities that military medicine offers, factor into many physicians’ decision to remain in the military after their required service period ends.

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