A Seamless Transition: Surviving Your First Year of Employment

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The primary reason for physician turnover is poor cultural fit, and when thinking through this phenomenon, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. On the contrary, first interviews generally last no longer than a day-and-half and second interviews may last two days with a preponderance of the time dedicated to searching for a home.

Benefits That Accrue?

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Although a vast preponderance of all contracts will provide fringe benefits, did you know that physicians are generally treated differently than other groups of employees, including executives, who in some instances may have commensurate salaries?

Contracting for Departure: Understanding the Covenants That Will Impact Your Separation

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The purpose of this article is to mitigate any unwanted surprises through an increased comprehension of the common contractual covenants that are typically overlooked and may hinder your departure from an employment setting. These items – malpractice insurance, upfront money, and non-compete language – should be closely examined and negotiated in a manner that mutually benefits both parties.

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