Optum LogoFor years, the health care industry has been composed of multiple moving parts — silos made up of facilities, providers, health systems and payors that have been loosely aligned with the goal of making care more convenient for patients. While the varied components of health care have been largely governed and overseen by systems or medical groups, the entire enterprise somehow remained disjointed. Amid all the building, fine-tuning and innovation, the health care industry only managed to manufacture its own paradox that is simultaneously more accessible yet harder to navigate. More comprehensive yet less comprehensible for patients.

When Optum was formed in 2011, we set out on a simple mission to make the health care system work better for everyone. To achieve this, we had to think and act differently than everyone else in the industry. Because we’ve approached care in a unique way, we’ve been able to build one of the nation’s largest value-based medical groups and ambulatory care systems in the country.

Our main goal at Optum is to make health care simpler and more effective for everyone. We started by designing care around the patient first. For us, it’s about seeing and addressing the unique needs of each individual patient and making it easier for them to live their healthiest lives. That starts with unpacking the biggest challenges patients face with traditional health care.

Along our journey of defining a better health care system for patients, we’ve remained steadfast to our focus on three core trends that have, and will continue to have, a tremendous influence on the future of health care: data analysis and technology, value-based care and consumerism above all.

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Consumerism – A better experience for patients

Over the years, Optum has continued to sharpen its focus on the consumer, working to elevate and improve the end-to-end experience. Now, more than ever, there is greater patient demand for integration. Our consumers are looking for someone that can bring together the fragmented pieces of the health care system and make it easier to live healthier lives. We are committed to building on a consumer-centered model that helps reduce friction, makes health care more affordable, minimizes obstacles to navigating health systems and makes care more personal. The key component of delivering more consumer-centric care is engaging patients in ways that allow them to proactively manage their health.

We deliver personalized care that emphasizes the relationships between patients and providers. That means managing patient panels for each physician so they can have more time with them. We also have more advanced practitioners to help with follow-up care services. This allows clinical teams to be more engaged in the health of those we serve.

We’re always striving to make care more accessible and convenient to enhance the patient experience. We have broadened our capabilities to treat and monitor patients outside of our care centers and for them to access the care they need wherever they are by leveraging leading-edge technology. Patients can access everything from their health portals and electronic records to linked at-home diagnostics and virtual care platforms. We are making it simpler and more efficient for patients to interact with their care teams.

Data and technology – Smarter medicine and better care

We help simplify industry processes and deliver actionable insights to support health leaders and clinicians by bringing together deep industry knowledge and diverse data sets. Our teams are at the forefront of building and adapting everything from virtual platforms and electronic health records to artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain technologies and the Internet of things (IoT) with the goal of propelling care forward. Our continued investments in technology and rich understanding of health and patient data, uniquely position us to evolve the way we deliver care across all our centers with insights and capabilities that better serve everyone — today and tomorrow.

Value-based care – Emphasizing health

While value-based care, at its heart, is a central component for government payer programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, we see it as a necessity for building a better overall care experience for patients, providers and the health care industry as a whole. At Optum, we see the totality of value-based care as a comprehensive clinical strategy that brings together all facets of care delivery to treat the whole person before, during and after illness arises. We see a future of value-based care that extends beyond primary care services and beyond the walls of hospitals and clinics. We are focused on building an entire system around value with growing capabilities in primary services, virtual care, home-based care, behavioral health, ambulatory services and pharmacy support working in unison to help patients live their healthiest lives.

Optum is committed to creating a health care system that is more connected, more informed, more human and more responsive to every person’s unique needs. We’ll rise to this transformational opportunity by bringing together all our teams, resources and assets with the leadership of our physicians to deliver a unique care experience that’s better for our providers and patients. We’re imagining a new kind of health care, sparked by optimism and fueled by our people. As we continue to succeed, we’ll deliver health care that’s better for everyone in a new kind of system that allows our physicians to do their life’s best workSM.

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